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We have once again another huge update, but this time, it's mainly Website updates.


What's new?


Website updates

- We're expanding our website networking experience to ensure more support, more pages, more useful information, many bug fixes, and so much more!


- Good news! We've finally added back www. prefix.

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Over the past 8 months, We've been working on a completely new Upgrade, versioning upgrade, and some Breaking Changes.


This update has been worked on for many hours, days, weeks, and even months. The update has finally been released, to ALPHA Stages.

Please do keep in mind - This is an alpha stage. The network will likely have some bugs, or even game breaking issues. It is your job to report them.


This update includes: Major game changes relating to Bedrock and Java supported, major Moderation updates, Ranking Web interface system, our major Rank Changes, huge punishments update, huge website update since the abandoned Version 1.0, huge staff guide system (For staff), and many many...

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