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v2.0.0 ALPHA
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about 1 year ago

Over the past 8 months, We've been working on a completely new Upgrade, versioning upgrade, and some Breaking Changes.


This update has been worked on for many hours, days, weeks, and even months. The update has finally been released, to ALPHA Stages.

Please do keep in mind - This is an alpha stage. The network will likely have some bugs, or even game breaking issues. It is your job to report them.


This update includes: Major game changes relating to Bedrock and Java supported, major Moderation updates, Ranking Web interface system, our major Rank Changes, huge punishments update, huge website update since the abandoned Version 1.0, huge staff guide system (For staff), and many many more! This is probably the biggest update by far! I'll be including most of the changes that were introduced within V2. Here, finally, is the update you've all been waiting for:


What's new?

Server Changes

- Added Cross Play compatible! This means the network is now being ran on Java Edition; However, alongside this, we've introduced Bedrock Edition support! It is still in early alpha stages, so likely there'll be some bugs on bedrock that might not have on Java Edition.

- We're now being ran from a Java Edition proxy called Bungeecord!

- Added Discord support to all of our servers within the network.

- We've made security our #1 priority! 

- We've secured the backend servers! No more trying to join Direct IPS! This is a security risk, thus patching this issue! After 4 years of this issue occurring, now finally been fixed, and patched!

- Most if not all plugins should now be compatible with Bedrock edition, in some way.

- We now support all minor versions, regardless of Protocol changes. Not tested with major versions though. 

-* For example, it'll support all of the minor versions from say 1.19, but not tested between major versions compatibility. For example, 1.18-1.19.



- Added a Lobby build!


- Added brand new Lobby Items! Scrap the old one that we had back in V1.

- Added new Currency: Mystery Dust!

- Added Mystery Boxes!

Receive Mystery boxes by either donating, or crafting using Mystery Dusts.

Receive Mystery Dusts by finding easter eggs in the lobby, Voting, and doing infinite parkour!

- Added brand new Infinite parkour! 

* A very unique twist of parkour. It's parkour, but infinite. Once you jump on a block, the block behind you will disappear, and it'll keep regenerating new blocks for you to parkour to. The aim of the game is to get as many jumps as you can! You can even beat a personal record, or a world record! This also includes a Leaderboard built for the amount of Jumps you've made to a block with succeeding in doing so.

- Added Server Selector Menu

- Added Lobby Selector Menu (Though, currently only 1 lobby can be connected to). We'll do some work on this in future updates.

- Added Gadgets Item.



- Improved 100% of our Punishments system.

- Completely re-branded our punishments system!

- Added the following new commands:

-* /warn

-* /warnings

-* /unwarn

- Added Discord support to all punishment types across the network!

- Added a custom newly made Color formatting

- Fixed other players from bypassing mutes, and using commands/chat to try to bypass it.

- We've brought back the Alias feature with a brand new look! - Say hello to the new command: /dupeip

-* For those that were with us back a few years ago, there was a /alias command, which basically allowed you to check for a list of accounts on that IP.

-* Well, this is basically what it does. Just with a better rebranded look! You can use /dupeip <player>, and it'll show you a list of accounts registered with the current local IP the player is using.</player>

- Vanish system has got a rebranded look!

- Our Vanish V2 system has come back, looking stronger than ever! In this major version, we've fixed a ton of bugs that were reported back 2-3 years ago.

- More Vanish options!

- Fixed Vanish scoreboards from overwriting the Public scoreboard!

- Fixed Skin flickering ticking issues whilst in vanished.

- /vanish now has flags; -s and -t.

- Added /vanish on

- Added /vanish off

- Added /vanish list

- Added /vanish tipu

- Added /vanish target

- Added /vanish unlock

- Added /vanish tptg

- Added /vanish setlevel

- Added /vanish scoreboard

- Fixed being vanished whilst joining the server from not activating the Public Scoreboard once you are no longer vanished. (This bug affected all servers), and as of recently, only affected the Lobby Server.



Rank Changes

- Completely rebranded our ranking system.

- Updated rank command usages.

- Changed modifying a user's group/rank to /lp user <user_name />

- Changed modifying a group/rank to /lp group <group_name>.</group_name>

- Added /lp track

- Added /lp log

- Added /lp sync

- Added /lp info

- Added a Web UI Interface for Modification of ranks/a user's group information.

- Added /lp editor

- Added /lp search <permission />

- Added /lp reloadconfig

- Added /lp creategroup <group_name />

- Added /lp deletegroup <group_name />

- Added /lp listgroups

- Added /lp createtrack

- Added /lp deletetrack

- Added /lp listtracks

- Added support for Multiple groups, assigned to other players and staff.

-* This is good for things like donating; Your prefix will change, however, your permissions as a staff won't. You'll gain access to donator features while still being a staff member. Same applies for things like Youtuber ranks.

- Added /lpb - Which is exactly the same usages as /lp, just proxy sided.


Website Updates:

- Completely re-branded the website compared to Version 2 DEV.

- Added a public Wiki which displays both: Staff and Players related wikis, which should help you in the long run!

- This website will no longer have downtime when bedrock skins website is down. It'll just default to Steve or alex skins (Tested in display, untested in terms of bedrock skin logins/registers aftermath display.)

- Removed the Portal website.

- Added new Punishments website! This is public, and you may access them here: https://horizonnetwork.co/punishments

- Completely rebranded the store website! Here's the store changes:

- Change store domain to horizonhub.live instead of horizonnetwork.co (Due to cloudflare issues). So the new store url would be: https://store.horizonhub.live

- Completely re-branded the store in terms of items!

- Removed a lot of "previous" store items that were here back in V2 DEV. Time for a new look!

- Added a very detailed, and professional store description on the store's home page.

- Added brand new items that you can now purchase!

- Added Stripe payment method support! Before, only paypal was supported.

- We've made the website 10x faster!

-* The reason behind this was because the database the website was trying to connect to, was in the UK, and the Website hosting provider is in the US. This makes the website slow due to connectivity and being quite far away from it. But yeah, this issue should now be fixed.

- Fixed the website being extremely slow when loading pages.

- You can now register on the website!

- You can now login using either E-Mail or username.

- We've removed Minecraft intergration from the website! This means you can input whatever username you'd like, as long as the username you entered hasn't already been taken.

- You can now login via Discord!

- You can now sign-up via Discord!


Scoreboard changes:

- Added a brand new Scoreboards plugin to Lobby! This means when joined vanish (For example, if you were vanished when you left), the public scoreboard would not appear again when you turn off vanish. You'd have to log off and log back on for the scoreboard to update. This bug only affected Lobby, as tested.

- Online players count no longer counts vanished players.


- Bedrock's pause menu player list will no longer attempt to make it the same as on Java.

-* The reason for this, is due to major issues relating to staff being in vanish. On bedrock, regardless of permission, a bedrock player can still see the staff that is in vanish on their player list via Bedrock's pause menu. This is no longer the issue, and this bug had occurred on Lobby only.

- Online players count no longer counts vanished players.



- Network online count no longer includes Vanished players. Instead, it'll minus 1 player per vanished player. For example, if 2 players were on. 1 player was in vanish, and 2 wasn't in vanish, then it'll only appear with 1 players online.

- Server Selectors in Lobby will no longer count vanished players from where you choose what server you'd like to go to.

- Lobby Selectors in Lobby will no longer count vanished players from where you can choose what lobby you'd like to go to.



- You can now spy on factions chat! To do this, you must have a Moderator rank or higher to execute this command!

-* To spy on other faction chats, use: /f chatspy.

- Completely rebranded our factions system!

- Fixed an issue where typing in Factions Chat would sometimes bypass mutes.

- Added /f list: See a list of the factions.

- Added new alias command: /f show; This is the same as /f who; Displays information of a certain faction.

- Added /f power

- Added new alias command: /f pow from /f power.

- Added /f join - Joins a open faction,

- Added /f chat (V2) - This newer one supports more than just one chat.

- Added /f tac - Toggles whether or not you can see alliance chat.

- Rebranded /f description: Gives your faction a description which will also appear when using /f who.

- Added /f rename: Renames your faction name.

- Added /f open - Switch if invitation is required to join.

- The factions system is now more customizable than ever!

- You can now open a faction, ready for someone to join. This can be changed however to requiring invitiation by using: /f open no

- You can now remove a pending invitation by using /f deinvite <player />

- Faction claiming will be a lot different than in V1.

- You can now choose a radius of the claim by using: /f claim <radius />

- Added /f autoclaim: Auto-claim land as you walk round.

- You can now choose the radius of the faction claim to unclaim. Use: /f unclaim <radius>!</radius>

- Added /f unclaimall: Unclaim all of your faction land.

- Added /f title: Set or remove a players title.

- Added /f seechunk: Show chunk boundaries.

- Added /f status: Show the status of a player.

- Added back /f map with a better look!

- Fixed /f map from appearing with incorrect details.

- /f map is no longer on a scoreboard. That is because it took too much room, especially for small devices.

- Added /f owner: Set ownership of claimed land.

- Added /f ownerlist: List owner(s) of this claimed land!

- Added /f disband: Disband a faction.

- Removed /f delete as an alias of /f disband.

- Added /f ally: Set relation wish as Ally to another faction.

- Added /f neutral: Set relation wish as Neutral to another faction.

- Added /f enemy: Set relation wish as Enemy to another faction.


I only included the major fixes and changes that were being compared to V1. More changes are planned to come very soon. (Though, these changes are classed as "Major". There will be a new version releasing soon which is going to be called: v2.0.0 ALPHA 2.

If you have anymore questions or concerns, please let us know! Thank you.


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