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ZeaoPlayzMC Admin Member
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about 1 year ago

We have once again another huge update, but this time, it's mainly Website updates.


What's new?


Website updates

- We're expanding our website networking experience to ensure more support, more pages, more useful information, many bug fixes, and so much more!


- Good news! We've finally added back www. prefix.

- You can now use https://www.horizonnetwork.co which will automatically redirect you to https://horizonnetwork.co

- Added back the following domains:

*= vote.horizonhub.live

*= forum.horizonhub.live


- Added status page! You can go here to check for our networks status!: status.horizonnetwork.co


OP Factions:

- Fixed issue where the mute command wouldn't mute you properly.


- Fixed possible issue where the ban command wouldn't ban you properly.


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