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Punishment Information and How to Appeal
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Punishment Information and How to Appeal
Last Updated - October 9th, 2022

Server Rules | Minecraft Rules | Forum Rules
Account Security Guide



Why was I punished?
If your account was punished in any way, either a mute, a ban, blocked username, or forum banned, it means that it has violated one of the Network Rules. Since there are a variety of different rules, the punishment length can vary based on what rule was broken, as well as any other recent infractions.

How do I appeal this punishment?
If you believe your account has wrongfully been punished, you are able to appeal it at Submit a Ban or Mute Appeal.

Please note that the appeals process varies on the reasons, as such we recommend reading our Server, or Forum Rules for whatever type of punishment you may have received. There is also a guide on what the punishments mean down below, which you should read through to better understand your punishment.

Your account is your responsibility.
Horizon players are responsible for their own accounts and personal information.
Players also take full responsibility for any actions which may occur on their accounts.

If you have been banned for Suspicious Account Activity, we recommend reading our Account Security Advice.

Account Buying
We only recommend purchasing Minecraft Accounts from the official Minecraft website.

If you purchase an alternate account from a 3rd party seller/website, our ban appeal policy still applies.
These 3rd party accounts have a history with various reasons ranging from using modified clients (cheating) to Advertising/Spam; therefore, these accounts will not be unbanned due to the risk of them continuing their activities.

Account Selling
For the reasons listed above, you are not allowed to advertise selling accounts on the Horizon Network. This policy is intended to eliminate an unnecessary risk and keep all of the players as safe and secure as possible.


How to Appeal an In-game Punishment
If you believe you were falsely muted and/or banned, then you can create a punishment appeal. Please read the below information BEFORE creating a punishment appeal.

These appeals are only meant to be created for the above reason. If you are guilty you will be denied, no exceptions. If you are going to appeal your punishment, it is best to do so in a timely manner. If you have been banned or muted for too long, your appeal will most likely be denied.

IMPORTANT: Please read the above information page before completing a punishment appeal



Appeal here


Appeals sent in any other way (e.g. private message, email, etc) will be directed back to the appeals section here with no further answer. Appeals can only be dealt with through the appeals section here on the forums.

Please also note that in many cases any proof stored internally can not be shared with you through the appeal, either due to the original reporter not giving permission for the evidence to be shared (usually in cases where they wish to protect their identity as the reporter) or in cases where proof collected by staff shows private information which was also captured inadvertently. If you request proof and the appeals team does not provide it, it is likely for this reasoning.


ow to Appeal a Forums Ban

If you believe your forums account was falsely banned, you can create a forum ban appeal. Please read through this full guide before creating your appeal. Please note, that if you have received a warning that did not lead to a ban, you will be unable to submit an appeal.

These appeals are only meant to be created if you believe you have not violated the rules. If you are guilty, your appeal will be denied with no exceptions. If you are looking to appeal your ban, it is best to do so in a timely manner. If you have been punished for too long, your appeal will most likely be denied.

To create your forum appeal. You will first need to go to https:///horizonnetwork.co/appeals

Once there, please fill in all the boxes with the appropriate information. Once you are sure you have filled it in correctly, press the submit button so that the appeal can be reviewed.

Appeals sent in any other way (e.g. private message on the server, email, etc) will be directed back to the appeals section here with no further answer. Appeals can only be dealt with in the appeals section of the forums.

Frequently Asked Questions
How come I always receive the same response?
We cannot provide lengthy custom responses to each appeal. The responses provided is based on the decision of the appeal which includes all necessary information surrounding the punishment, which in return allows the user to get a response to their appeal quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why was my appeal responded to by a Bot?
The appeals team does not use bots to respond to appeals. Each appeal is read over by a member of our Appeals Team and handled appropriately. Another account is used to respond to appeals to avoid harassment and targeting for members of our Appeals team.

Can I appeal multiple times, even after my first appeal was denied?
Once your first appeal has been answered, no other appeals can be made for that specific mute or ban. 

I have been banned for a long time, can I still make an appeal?
You can still make an appeal, even if you've been banned for a long time. However, your appeal will most likely be denied.

I am unable to appeal my punishment?

If you are unable to appeal your punishment, please contact support.

Will I be banned if I have a glitchy/laggy connection?
No. Staff members understand the difference between someone lagging and someone cheating.

I have been banned from Horizon Discord, can I make an appeal?
As noted in the Horizon Discord welcome channel: The Horizon Team considers the Discord a privilege. If you are banned, there are no appeals. Additionally, keep in mind the Horizon Server rules apply here as well: Horizon Rules

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