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Welcome to Horizon Network's rules page!
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Discord Rule Guide

All rules here apply to ALL members of our discord server regardless of your rank. Staff will not hesitate into giving you a punishment for breaking one of these rules. As part of our discord server, you agree to follow these rules with respect and confidence.



Swearing is allowed in the server but we would like to restrict the usage of it. Please don't overuse swearwords


Please keep all the discord channels to English (Moderation Reasons). Please prevent yourself from using NSFW, Homophobic language and racism


Spamming is the easiest rule to break however sending too many messages too fast is an issue. There are a lot of ways people can spam but do not under any circumstances spam the chat, even if a staff member says you can, please report them in the support channel. The management team will never allow server members to spam.


Advertising is highly disallowed within the server. These include: discord invites, links to your social media and promotion to any other platform. We allow the usage of using your status for advertising as we understand some server ask their server members/staff to advertise their server in your status. However the use of advertising in your status should not be abused. If you are caught hoisting yourself (putting yourself at the top of the member list) with an advertisement, punishments will still apply.

Bug Abuse/Exploiting

This discord server and the bot is new and we understand! However there can be a lot of bugs lurking around the server. Please do not exploit these bugs in any shape or form! If you find a bug please report it in the support channel. However we offer badges for bug reports that you give to us!


We strictly disallow harassment or bullying of any kind. We would like all of our server members to be engaged into our community and have a nice stay. We completely disallow the fact people will get away with doing things others dont want. If you come across anybody in the server harassing or bullying a member of the server (or you are a victim), please open a support ticket in the support channel 

Channel Usage

Please make sure channels are used for their intended purpose. For example all bot commands should be kept to the bot commands channel and all artwork/images should be kept to the gallery channel. If you feel like a new channel should be put in for a specific topic, suggest it in the suggestions channel

DDOS/IP Grabbing

Server members safety is our number one priority! Any links that are intended to harm a victim(s) software or gain access to their account/computer is a permanent ban regardless of how severe it is. Please do not click links from either discord or our server.


All of these promotions for staff ect will be shown in announcements
Discord will only send messages through e-mail under the domain of @discord.com

Joke Suggestions/Reports

Suggestions are reports are things you can submit to either share with a staff member or see the communities view on your selection.

Prompting for staff roles

Please do not ask for roles as we will not give any out under any circumstances. The only roles that are given out are badges and they are unlockable, not given out for free! Please view the information channel for more information about badges!

Slurs - Community Requested

 Slurs are now one of our punishable rules after many people taking offence to it. These include words like (`"Retard"`)


Please do not scream/bass boost into your microphone to become loud (this is for constant screaming). I think all headphone users have the right to keep their eardrums :)


When you are streaming in a VC, please ensure there is no NSFW or any obscene content in the stream. If you wanna do stuff like that, go to another server that allows it please c:



We take racism very seriously! If you are found speaking foul language, such as racist names, racist phrases, or anything racist related, we will take action. We do not tolerate this.


All rules show here apply in-game within ALL of our minecraft servers! By playing on our server and being part of this community, you accept that staff will punish you if necessary and will not hesitate suspending your account permanently from our services!






Minecraft Rule Guide

All rules show here apply in-game within ALL of our minecraft servers! By playing on our server and being part of this community, you accept that staff will punish you if necessary and will not hesitate suspending your account permanently from our services!



Swearing is not allowed in any of our servers. The reason is, we are unsure about how old certain members of this community are. There is no set age limit for people to join the minecraft server. Keep in mind you should keep your language to yourselves.


Spamming is not allowed regardless where you are in the community. Please refrain from using the same message over and over again as this may lead you to getting a warning or most likely a mute for failing to meet these requirements.


In this server, we do not promote any homophobic, racist or harmful language to other members of the community. Please refrain from saying any of these messages to ensure a nice friendly chat for everyone! There are no exceptions. 


Advertising is strictly disallowed on the minecraft server. These can include spawning mobs with advertised names e.g withers, putting a sign or a big build advertising, map art for advertising and blatantly advertising in chat. Named items with names like "Sub to {name}" or "Follow {name} on twitch" is allowed BUT do not put any links inside your item names directly to your channel!

Bug Abuse/Exploiting

Abusing bugs is a critical rule in the minecraft server. Anybody found exploiting bugs like duplication glitches ect... have a high chance of receiving a permanent ban or a temporary ban depending on how severe the bug is and how much it was exploited. We will track uuid's for items if we have to!


Please refrain from harassing others in the minecraft chats. Harassment is a serious offence and highly leads to your account being temporarily, if not permanently suspended form the network. If you are sexually harassing someone, it will be an immediate IP ban off of our discord, minecraft network and the forums!

Links In Chat

Links used in the chat should only be used to help people out. For example sending a tutorial. These links will be checked using VPN's to ensure that they are safe and secured for players to use. Any harmful links will lead to your account being permanently terminated from the platform it was posted on.


Having multiple accounts to help boost one of your main accounts is highly disallowed. If you are caught with evidence boosting accounts, both accounts will receive punishment for attempting or are boosting.


Macroing is getting a bot to automate an action within the server. Macroers will be banned on the spot for giving a high disadvantage to other players. Please refrain from using this as it will only cause trouble for your account.


Scamming other players is not allowed regardless of the scenario. We recommend when trading to provide screenshots and/or video footage ready incase this ever happens to you. 

Lag Machines

Lag machines will give you an instant permanent ban from our server. Lag machines come in any shape or form so we will shutdown servers to hunt down these machines if absolutely necessary. If the server gets really laggy please ping the "Downtime" role in our discord server!


Any sort of hack or modification to your game that will grant a disadvantage to other players will indefinitely get you banned from the server. For your first offence for hacking, it will be temporarily but for the second offence, it wont be so pretty as your account will instantly be terminated for the second.


Stealing from/Insiding other players is not allowed, please refrain from doing so because we will know what was stolen from containers/who the insider is.


No griefing! Our servers are not anarchys servers so there should be no sight of griefing. Raiding other bases though are allowed, just not griefing things like server builds or something built specifically for the server.


We take racism very seriously! If you are found speaking foul language, such as racist names, racist phrases, or anything racist related, we will take action. We do not tolerate this.


Please make sure you follow these rules, we want to provide a safe play area for all members of the community. Player reports can go to discord by opening a ticket. We will provide more support for other places in the near future. Join the discord server to gain support or to ask the community your concerns!